Life becomes better when you love what you do, reach your goals, make money and protect your rights

With the right support you feel better, negotiate better, make better agreements, get unstuck and protect the rights for your business or creative work better

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If you are a business owner, a leader or an employee coaching and advisory services are for you.

You have the right to be treated in a fair way and to get paid for your work, if your know how to manage your rights and how to communicate your needs you will be able to make more money and achive your goals faster

You can get my help by attending to my courses, get private sessions and I also do Trademark applications (Sweden), and my knowledge thru Speaking engagements, interviews, and articles

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Tracy J Hoffman worked at the Swedish Intellectual Property office for 13 years before starting her own business. The last 6 years with international training programs in Intellectual Property and have seen the common challenges that are international moreover she has more than 10 years of experience in advising employees, managers, and directors in different work-related issues and has been advancing from one position to another with hard work and a good understanding on seeing how she could contribute to the need of the organizations and being able to communicate it.

“Protecting Intellectual Property drives innovation and developes the world.”


Tracy J Hoffman
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