Protect your business! Personal Intellectual Property meeting


Who is this for?

  • If you are starting up a new business or brand and need a name you can find a domain for and protect as a Trademark this will save you alot of time and money
  • If you already have a business name that you didn´t protect and need to know more about how to see if it is available and make sure you can keep it
  • If you are not sure what Intellectual property rights you have.

Knowledge is power

If you don´t protect your trademark there is a risk that it is already taken by somebody else or are not following the rules to be protected later, this may make you lose time, custumers and be shut down on all social media,

I can help you
  • to search to see if it is available
  • teach you about classes for the trademark and why its important
  • Help you with following the rules for a trademark
  • Discover othe Intellectual Property Rights

You can go straight to a Laywer and they can help but if you come unprepared they might need to do the search muliple times and classification may take longer too and that could be very costly. .

If you register a application yourself without reasearch before the risk of getting the trademark rejected is also higher and then you will have to pay the applicationfee multiple times and besides the cost you will lose time and sometimes else might beat you to your next mark.

Why is it important to protect your brand as a Trademark?

There are two main reasons

  1. If you don’t protect it someone else might start a business with the same name and claim it before you
  2. If you don’t protect it you also risk infringing in someone else´s rights, meaning that in the best case you will have to rebrand your business and lose time, money and confuse customers. In the worst case you can be charge for infringement

This is what you will get

  • One Zoom calls with me, email me a description of your needs in advance.
  • Reasearch of avilibility of the mark
  • I will help you with your Trademark search and show you how to do it, this will save you $$$ (a Lawyer will charge around 350$ / hour) and if it is not available you will have to use their services multiple times it , with my help you will be prepared.
  • What are classes and why are they important
  • How to read the results of the Trademark search

Other IP hacks

  • If you are considering a patent, don’t publish anywhere!
  • You need to manage copyright online or your social media accounts could be shut down, I can tell you more about how to avoid it.

When? on request

Where? Zoom

What if I have questions? email or book a 15 minute FREE Zoom dicovery call

Tracy J Hoffman


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