Tracy J Hoffman has been working at the Swedish Intellectual Property office for 13 years, the last 6 year with international training programs in Intellectual Property and have seen the common challenges that are international moreover she has more than 10 years of experience in advising employees, managers, and directors in different work-related issues and has been advancing from one position to another with hard work and a good understanding on seeing how she could contribute to the need of the organizations and being able to communicate it.

Do you need help to understand how to protect your business and/or achive your goals?

I can help you by supporting you by finding and protecting your business hidden assets, the intellectual property Trademaks, Copyright, Patent, Design Patents but also look into if you have the protection you need when it comes to keeping Tradesecrets or having the right agreements in place.
In life it is also important to know what our goals are and what actions we need to take to achive them, I do life coaching and my strength is to support you to understand what and how to communicate your needs to get closer to what you want in work related or personal relationships and empower you to know your value.

Some of my services, I also do custom made packages.

Advice on Intellectual Property 2×30 minute call, price 298 Usd (2495 SEK), including research between the calls. (I Sverige gör jag hela ansökningar, kontakta mig för offert)

This service is good for you if you have a specific question about the process of protecting your IP. If it is a simple question about a specific name, one call for 149 Usd (1395 Sek) might cover your needs. Please send me an email to or book the free 15-minute call for advice

Do you struggle with finding the right name for your business? Finding a domain? Can it be protected as a Trademark? I can help! Please send me an email to get a quote.

This is for you. If you are starting with a new business or product and want help to find a name that follows the rules for trademark protection and that also has an available .com domain, we can start to explore your suggestions and from there twist it to being available.

If you rather do it yourself I can walk you thru how to do it and the 2×45 minute call may be enough.

In dept Intellectual Property Scan of your business to find all the assets that you should manage Price 1 500 Euro, (1 749 USD, 15 000 SEK)

This is an in dept scan of your business, you start to self estimate your business, then I will do research to find out more about your assets and needs When that is done I will do and interview and then you will get a report with advice on how to proceed.

Please notice that this is not to be concidered as leagal advice, this report will tell you in what areas you need to get proffesional help but preparing your leagal actions are not included in the price, If you are interested in this service we start with a free call to explore if this is a good fit for you and your business or not.

If you are in the EU you can apply to get 75% of the cost for this service back, contact your local IP office to get help and they will direct you to their experts, this is the link for more information SME Fund – EUTM (

Coaching 45-minute zoom calls Book now! Price goes up September 2021

Best value 12×45 1890 USD (17880 Sek) 6×45 minutes 1049 USD (9850 Sek) 3×45 minutes 649 USD (5450 Sek)

Starting a business?

Are you struggling with finding the right path for yourself? Who do you serve? What is your Why? Do you find that your friends or partner might not understand you or are you having trouble to understand them? Going from employee to business owner can be like falling down a rabbit hole and end up in a new world. It is amazing to start building your dreams, but it can also be a lonely journey if you don’t get the right support.

Are you trying to figuring everything out yourself? Taking courses, putting time and energy in the wrong places? Working your ass off with no result? I totally understand you, nobody told you about this ride, believe me, I have probably made most of the mistakes anyone can think of … and then some, it was an expensive lesson, but I took it, so you don´t have to.

Is it the music business?

I have been trying to figure out the music business for more then 3 years now, my passion comes from knowing how difficult it is to manage your rights so that you can make money from your work, how do you market, how to get the music online, how do you get it on playlists and how do you make money from your business and get loyal fans.

Want to build a career as an Employee?

Before making all the beginner mistakes in business, I was working at the National Intellectual Property office for 13 years. During that time, I had many different positions. At one period, I had three(!!!) at the same time! Mainly 2 of my roles there will help you. I was working with international training programmes in intellectual property for 6 years. As a chairman for the Trade union for 10 years in both roles, I supported and connected to many people in different positions. From different backgrounds, one of my main beliefs is that everyone is equally important and needs respect as long as they are giving respect back. In my role at the trade union, I supported people with every work-related issue at and office, coaching my members and the management to solve conflicts, Bad leadership, communicate reorganisations and other challenging issues, Negotiations, signs of stress, work environmental issues etc. Another difference about me is that I have been working myself up and had many different jobs in different service occupations and offices. I know how to communicate my wishes to get to the next step in the ladder that is appealing to the boss. Of course, any support you may need in intellectual property is also included, but if you need more hands-on work, that will be a separate quote.

Why I can help you

My point is, whatever you feel or where you are coming from, I get you. I will support you in moving forward. I also promise you that I will not always agree with you. I might call you out on some things you are doing to yourself, but it will all be with love and the best intentions, don’t be lonely. Book a FREE discovery call to see if I am the right fit for you.

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All prices are plus any taxes that may apply.

A person with depth understanding of IP issues not limited to one jurisdictions but many and a very good mentor and advisor for project work, research and innovation ideas. A humble and genuine personality with Brillaint networking ability and perfect advisor ..

Saroj K Ghimire , Attorney at Law Supreme Court of Nepal Managing Partner Himalayan Lawyers and Associates.

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